€49.95 per person

charge will be in USD ($49.95)

The Small Group Insiders Tour is an intimate, 90-minute, Paris flea market tour will expose you to the full range of the market’s 2,500 shops, show you how to shop and bargain, introduce you to the culture and to some of the colorful characters of our Paris Flea Market, and lead you to the items that interest you the most.

In English, 12 people max. so everyone gets good face-time with the guide.


  • a solid orientation around the 2,500 shops – and the customs behind shopping at the Paris flea market
  • the real antique market: antiques – vintage – collectibles. No trinkets, no made-in-China souvenirs
  • insider’s insights: the real vs. the fake, the real bargains, how to negotiate
  • the people behind the scenes: where the goods come from, who buys, who sells, who makes a profit and who doesn’t
  • insights into the French culture as told by objects and artifacts
  • small groups, extensive face time with your guide -an insider, with solid English and a burning passion for the Paris flea market


Why take this tour?

Because the Flea Market is simply too big to explore on your own, and because of the unique insights only this Paris flea market tour will give you.


Saturday and Sunday morning at 10.45 am


Adult: €49.95
Under 18: €35
Under 7: Free